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Akua Gyamfi

Akua Gyamfi has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, with careers in fashion, film, television, theatre, print and online media.
In 2012, Akua founded The British Blacklist, a platform that celebrates the talent of British black creatives on screen, stage, literature and sound. She also produces podcasts Your Aunties Could Never (pop culture and TBB Talks (interviews with black creatives from around the world). In addition to writer/producer Leon Mayne, Akua is the co-creator/co-exec producer and host of roundtable series The Circle.
In 2019, Akua joined forces with Soul Film, The New Black Film Collective and We Are Parable to launch the S.O.U.L. Film Festival, an annual event showcasing the best of black filmmakers and content creators from the UK and the wider diaspora.

Akua Gyamfi is mentor of Vrijplaats participant Mirella Muroni.


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