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Beri Shalmashi

Beri Shalmashi is a screenwriter and director, she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy and obtained her MA at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Shalmashi’s film Mama was nominated for a Golden Calf and she won the prestigious Silver Camera for Storytelling with the interactive story Big Village. She recently made the episode On the edge of the revolution for Frontlinie (VPRO) about Kurdistan and Iran. Her screenplay for the telefilm Casting Call is currently being made into a film. Shalmashi regularly teaches at various film schools, works as an interim film consultant for the Netherlands Film Fund and is director of the Avanti program office.

Beri Shalmashi is moderator for the workshop Multiple Voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling, programmer of and speaker at the masterclass Production for Generation Inclusion 2021 and mentor pf Vrijplaats participants Louis Hothothot and Isis Cabolet.

Beri is mentor of Vrijplaats Creating the Experience participant Ryan Cherewaty.


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