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Rogier Klomp

Drawing is Rogiers way to grasp the complexities of our world. To map out intricate dynamics and to contextualise those by translating them into stories.
Rogier tells stories in different media in which the medium itself is intertwined with the subject. Some examples: a data-driven documentary in which open data is used to investigate a secretive multinational, a set of short films in which intrinsically biased people train subsequently biased algorithms, a crowdsourced animation film about Europe drawn by Europhiles as well as Eurosceptics and propaganda films on the subject of propaganda.

Rogier has worked as a graphic journalist at the newspaper NRC Handelsblad and produced animations for multiple VPRO Tegenlicht documentaries and other TV series. Furthermore he is an educator at several art academies and was one of the supervisors of the masterclass Sandberg@Mediapark for the editions Technology as Religion (2018) and Artificial Imagination (2019).

Together with Dana Linssen Rogier is the curator of the Vrijplaats Residency 2020, and speaker at the Vrijplaats Residency 2021 and the Vrijplaats Residency 2022.


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