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On Monday, September the 25th, during the Talent Day of the Netherlands Film Festival, FilmForward organized two roundtable discussions to exchange experiences and ideas. FilmForward is a catalyst, provider, and connector of talent development and its mission is to map out the offerings of talent development, connect them, and align them better with practical needs.

During the roundtable discussion with various talent development programs, the focus was on discussing ideas for the ideal landscape of talent development. They explored ways to map out their offerings to make it work best for everyone and how to better align their offerings to strengthen each other. As a result of this discussion, FilmForward is in the process of gathering various ideas for the development of a roadmap.

In the roundtable with AV (Audio-Visual) education programs, they engaged in discussions with program directors about improving the connection to the job market after completing an education program. They discussed the experiences and ideas of educators on this matter and explored possibilities for a joint approach through offerings and encounters. This discussion provided valuable insights. FilmForward will continue discussions about next steps with the academies and the possibilities for organizing networking events for and with students.


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