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In April, FilmForward organized inspiring brainstorming sessions with various professionals to explore training and workshop needs. These sessions discussed in detail how the various professional groups can further develop and what role FilmForward can play in providing support. Present were representatives from a variety of disciplines, including camera, shooting direction, grip, set sound, directorial assistance, editing, sound design, post-production, music, hair and makeup, and costume. There was also extensive discussion about improving cooperation between these disciplines. Topics such as innovation, safety, sustainability, inclusion, communication and operations were addressed.

Based on the feedback received, FilmForward set about developing workshops and meetings:

  • A very successful workshop called “Fuzzlecheck” was held in early June. More than 60 First and Second ADs, executive producers and production managers were introduced to the interactive and user-friendly planning program Fuzzlecheck.
  • Soon, FilmForward will hold a roundtable discussion with crew members and producers about safety and transgressive behavior, gathering experiences, ideas and desires to improve working practices.
  • In addition, master classes on legal matters (rights, clearance and contracts) will be organized for the fall, as well as a master class focused on budgeting. Also on the agenda are interdisciplinary master classes on post-production, camera and lighting for dark skin.

The feedback received also revealed a desire for FilmForward to act as a central hub in the field of training for AV professionals. In addition to developing its own offerings, existing offerings from trade associations and industry organizations are also made visible. In addition, FilmForward facilitates communication between the various disciplines and maintains contacts with educational institutions, promoting the exchange of knowledge and innovations between disciplines.


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